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Kubus 2 Line Candle Holder - Brass
Kubus 2 Line Candle Holder - Brass
Kubus 2 Line Candle Holder - Brass
Kubus 2 Line Candle Holder - Brass

Kubus 2 Line Candle Holder - Brass

By Lassen
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This modern designer By Lassen Line Brass Candle Holder, whose shape was conceived through a mathematical formula, was developed in 1983 after the creator Mogens Lassen decided to revisit the iconic Kubus geometric candleholders.

The two brass candleholders form a single line, and the architectural look fits perfectly with contemporary minimalism. Kubus and Line is still crafted in Denmark, and among architects and design connoisseurs it has achieved the status of a modern international design icon.

Use this By Lassen Line Brass Candle Holder on any table or sideboard throughout your home. This candle holder is also suitable for commercial settings.

Product: Line
Design: Mogens Lassen 1983
Measurement: 10x10 cm
Color: Brass
Material: Untreated brass-plated metal.

Place the candleholder in the oven at 75 degrees celsius upside down on a baking sheet covered with parchment for 15-20 minutes.

Follow by polishing with a moistened cloth.

Please note: Do not use boiling hot water, scrub sponges or other sharp/scratchy objects

We recommend that you do not let the candles burn the whole way down to the bottom of the candlestick holder as this may discolour or damage the paintwork on your product.

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Architect Mogens Lassen (1901-1987) is among the greatest and most influential of Danish architects, a pioneer of Danish Functionalism, and is internationally renowned for his characteristic architecture.

Mogens Lassen was inspired by the German design school Bauhaus, and its geometric shapes recur often in his iconic designs.